I’m not naturally athletic but I love trying new things. In 2012 I began racing with 5k's and then moved on to 10k's and half marathons. After completing my second Miami Half Marathon in 2013 I decided I wanted to complete a full marathon. At the time I trained based on some things I learned on the internet and I was involved in some fun running groups around town but I knew to complete a full marathon I needed structure and guidance. A friend told me about USA FIT Miami and I joined. I knew immediately I found the right group. USA FIT Miami provided a training plan based on my experience AND my goals. The Saturday group runs were a fun way for me be held accountable for finishing long runs. That year, I completed my first full marathon. Since then, I’ve gone on to complete a 50K ultra marathon, countless obstacle course races, a triathlon, and several more full marathons, all while have tons of fun! I love running because it has taught me how to deal with all that life brings my way!