In September 2010 I finished my first 5K after my girlfriend got me into running. That same year I went on to complete countless 5k's and 10k's. I got pregnant later on and started doing yoga. After having my baby, I called up my girlfriend to get back into running. She told me to meet her for a 9 - mile run that same week! I thought she was crazy! How does someone do that? I had no idea what a marathon was but was up for anything when it came to exercise. I showed up and finished those 9 miles using the walk/run method. I was hooked. In May 2013, I finished my first half marathon, and in January 2014, my first full marathon at Disney. And I have not stopped running ever since. My greatest accomplishment was getting my BF into running, which he totally disliked. After a year trying to convince him to run, we trained together and he finished his first full marathon in 4:45 and he loved it. Running is my happy place! I have completed numerous half marathons, and two full marathons in PR, DC and now Miami. Running is my passion, and sharing my passion is my goal. Crossing that finish line is such an accomplishment, and I want everyone to reach that goal – no matter the distance, just have fun!! I enjoy motivating and helping others to run and exercise, and what better way to be able to continue doing this but through USA FIT Miami!