The Coaches

Carol – Co-Organizer/Coach

I’m not naturally athletic but I love trying new things. In 2012 I began racing with 5k's and then moved on to 10k's and half marathons. After completing my second Miami Half Marathon in 2013 I decided I wanted to complete a full marathon. At the time I trained based on some things I learned on the internet and I was involved in some fun running groups around town but I knew to complete a full marathon I needed structure and guidance. A friend told me about USA FIT Miami and I joined. I knew immediately I found the right group. USA FIT Miami provided a training plan based on my experience AND my goals. The Saturday group runs were a fun way for me be held accountable for finishing long runs. That year, I completed my first full marathon. Since then, I’ve gone on to complete a 50K ultra marathon, countless obstacle course races, a triathlon, and several more full marathons, all while have tons of fun! I love running because it has taught me how to deal with all that life brings my way!

Michelle – Co-Organizer/Coach

In September 2010 I finished my first 5K after my girlfriend got me into running. That same year I went on to complete countless 5k's and 10k's. I got pregnant later on and started doing yoga. After having my baby, I called up my girlfriend to get back into running. She told me to meet her for a 9 - mile run that same week! I thought she was crazy! How does someone do that? I had no idea what a marathon was but was up for anything when it came to exercise. I showed up and finished those 9 miles using the walk/run method. I was hooked. In May 2013, I finished my first half marathon, and in January 2014, my first full marathon at Disney. And I have not stopped running ever since. My greatest accomplishment was getting my BF into running, which he totally disliked. After a year trying to convince him to run, we trained together and he finished his first full marathon in 4:45 and he loved it. Running is my happy place! I have completed numerous half marathons, and two full marathons in PR, DC and now Miami. Running is my passion, and sharing my passion is my goal. Crossing that finish line is such an accomplishment, and I want everyone to reach that goal – no matter the distance, just have fun!! I enjoy motivating and helping others to run and exercise, and what better way to be able to continue doing this but through USA FIT Miami!

Norma – Coach

The Disney marathon was my first marathon in 2000. Since then I’ve run six marathons and a countless number of half marathons. Staying motivated has always been a challenge, both when I was a beginner and as a veteran runner alike. From my experience, running with a group like USA FIT Miami is incredibly motivating and keeps me coming back. Our group not only provides a proven training schedule and a support network, but a means to be held accountable and stick with the training. So, with each new year, I look forward to our Saturday USA FIT Miami runs, because I know there will be amazing friends there to share the experience.

Perside Foster – Coach

I got into training for 1/2 marathon walks just to get and stay healthy. I lost 40 pounds and kept them off by  walking at least 25 miles a week. I have walked 16 races since 2006. My most favorite races are the ING and A1A. I enjoy Miami fit because they provide guidance without being too intrusive.